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When can I travel again to Peru?

Now that the state of emergency has been declared in Peru for the next 15 days, …

Question asked by Dirk H.

Should I cancel my trip to Peru due to the CoronaVirus?

At this time it is still a little preliminary to cancel your trip to Peru in the …

Question asked by Stefan L.

Till when is the Inca Trail closed this year?

This year (2020), the Inca Trail will exceptionally be closed till March 15, …

Question asked by Steve H.

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Update March 26 - Coronavirus and Peru

Today the mandatory lockdown the country is in got extended till April 12, 2020 Police and military will be though with those not respecting the quarantaine Except for those …

Peru and COVID-19 - Update March 19

The whole country is officially in lockdown People are slowly accepting and cooperating with the situation No-one, except for those working in essential services can leave the …

MARCH 16 UPDATE; Corona Virus and Peru - State of Emergency Declared - COVID-19

Peru closed all borders as of today for 15 days - no in and outbound travel possible Most internal traffic and movement has been cancelled (airlines, bus companies, trains) State …

LATEST UPDATE - Coronavirus and Machu Picchu - March 13, 2020

Related Content : LATEST UPDATE - State of Emergency Declared - Peru closes all borders Friday the 13th, that is the day that the first case of Coronavirus in Cusco was confirmed. …

Should I cancel my Peru trip due to Coronavirus and if so, will I get a refund?

Related Content : LATEST UPDATE - Peru and COVID-19 - lock-down till April 12 As the Coronavirus crisis in Peru and worldwide continues, more and more people are asking themselves …


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