Luggage Limitations trains to Machu Picchu

  • Most visitors to Machu Picchu get there by train
  • Trains to Machu Picchu have limited luggage storage
  • Official luggage allowance for the trains are; a maximum weight limit of 5.0 kg/11
  • Unofficially weight limits do not matter but oversized luggage cannot be taken on board
  • It is recommended to only take the luggage you need to Machu Picchu and leave the rest in storage

With on average 2,000 people visiting Machu Picchu per day; 90% of these coming by train and 50% spending at least one night in Aguas Calientes you can imagine the amount of luggage that goes back and forth every day. As the passenger trains for Peru Rail and Inca Rail are limited in storage space (due to the particularity of this train journey, the trains are not very long either) both companies strongly recommend only bringing limited luggage on the train. On each of the wagons there is some space foreseen for luggage as is there in between seats. Nevertheless, the wagons are not equipped to hold large suitcases. The official restrictions are as follows; bag or backpack with a maximum weight limit of 5.0 kg/11 lb and measuring no more than 157 cm (height + length + width). This being said the train companies do not check the weight or size of the luggage when boarding. Only in case the luggage would be too large to accommodate on the train would they refer you to the luggage train. The luggage train unfortunately is not a great option as there are only a few frequencies, most with uncomfortable times. Collecting the luggage in Aguas Calientes is another issue. Therefore it is best to avoid having to use this option.

Peru Rail Luggage Limitations

Inca Rail Luggage Limitations

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