Machu Picchu rules and regulations

  • Machu Picchu has several rules in place to protect the site from potential damage
  • These rules are being applied with more rigor every year and are important to respect
  • There are some ticket regulations and limitations as well as rules of conduct for Machu Picchu
  • Machu Picchu Guards are present to make sure these rules are being respected
  • These rules and regulations can and have changed without prior notice

Rules of entrance

When visiting unique sites, that are part of the legacy of humankind, it is logical that these places have to be protected in order for man to be able to enjoy this legacy in centuries to come. The same goes for Machu Picchu which by its unique location and structure is not necessarily designed to manage the amount of people that visit this amazing Lost City daily. In order to diminish the potential damage done by the visitors to Machu Picchu several rules have been put in place. It is mandatory for the visitors to respect these rules and any other indication the guards may give them during their visit. Refusal to respect these rules can lead to removal from the site or even juridic persecution in extreme cases.

These are the main ticket regulations to keep in mind during your Machu Picchu visit.

  • In total there are 5,000 daily entrance tickets foreseen
  • Machu Picchu opens every day at 6.00am and closes at 5.30pm - 365 days a year
  • Entrance tickets have to be purchased for a fixed time slot to enter the site
  • Visitors can stay for a maximum of 4 hours at Machu Picchu
  • Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain are limited to 400 visitors daily each

Visitor rules and recommendations

Secondly there are also visitor regulations and rules in place. These rules are important as they protect the site from potential damage by its visitors as well as tries to create the best visitor experience for your Machu Picchu visit. Following an overview;

  • You are allowed access to the site till one hour after the entrance time printed on your ticket
  • Re-entrance (even to use the bathroom) is no longer allowed
  • Any type of backpack measuring more than 40 x 35 x 20 cm (15 liters) is not permitted, and must be left at the luggage storage (near the entrance)
  • It is forbidden to enter with food and drink.
  • It is prohibited to enter with alcoholic beverages
  • It is prohibited to enter with umbrellas
  • It is forbidden to enter with photographic tripods or any type of camera stand/support
  • It is banned to enter with any musical instruments, including megaphones and speakers
  • It is prohibited to enter with shoes with high-heels, or hard soles.
  • It is not allowed to enter with children strollers. Only strap on baby/child carriers are permitted.
  • It is prohibited to climb, lean or sit on any of the Inca walls and constructions
  • It is not allowed to touch, move or remove any items, including stones
  • It is prohibited to enter with walking sticks with a metal or hard point. This has to be protected with a rubber tip. Wooden walking sticks are allowed
  • It is prohibited to get naked, dress up, lie down, run and jump.
  • It is prohibited to make loud noises, applaud, shout, whistle and sing.
  • It is prohibited to smoke (cigarettes and e-cigarettes)..
  • It is prohibited to paraglide, fly any type of drone or small aircraft.

Now, it is worth noting that some of these rules are not being applied to the fullest. For instance even though bringing food is officially not allowed, no-one will tell you to stop eating that turkey sandwich you brought along. A full out picnic is of course a no-no.

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