Update March 26 - Coronavirus and Peru

  • Today the mandatory lockdown the country is in got extended till April 12, 2020
  • Police and military will be though with those not respecting the quarantaine
  • Except for those working in essential services can leave the house
  • No private vehicles are allowed to circulate
  • Only one person per household is allowed to do the necessary shopping
  • People in shops have to keep 1.5mts distance from each other
  • The daily curfew from 8.00pm till 5.00am will also continue till April 12
  • As of today there are 680 cases with 9 people having died from the virus

Today the President Martin Vizcara during his daily briefing, announced the extension of the mandatory lock down and curfew till April 12, 2020 or another 13 days after the original March 30 date set some time back. As this will complicate the financial situation of many of the most vulnerable people in Peru, the government also announced a special bonus for the poorest residents of 380 Soles and a bonus of 35% for those who earn less than 1,500 Soles monthly. On top of this workers with a CTS account (money that is part of the wages but stored for when you leave the job) can take up to 2,400 Soles from this account.

Furthermore it must be noted that the measures taken are finally being followed and the number of arrests has come down over the last couple of days. Mostly in North Peru and Lima, where the temperatures are still very hot there are issues with people not respecting the measures. The government has announced heavy fines and even prison time for those violating these COVID-19 state of emergency measures.

Military and police have been deployed and reserve troops have been asked to stand by to make sure that order is maintained in the streets. All international and inter-provincial transportation has still been halted and only the essential industries can partially operate.

So far there have not been any shortages and supermarkets, markets and pharmacies are stocked as normally. The feared increase in prices for daily products has not taken place as was expected - so far all prices, except for some luxury items have been maintained.

Finally it has to be mentioned that at this point all the Easter Celebrations in Peru have been canceled. Especially the ones in Cusco and Ayacucho will be missed as these enjoy worldwide fame.

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