Overall cost Of traveling to Peru & MP?

Question asked by Lola

Answer from our Expert:

As with many of the new world wonders, traveling to Machu Picchu comes at a cost. The actual costs can of course be influenced by the choices of the individual traveler but for most people the basic costs will include; entrance tickets (around US$60pp), train tickets (from US$120pp for the return trip) and buses to and from the entrance (US$24pp). Apart from this you need to get to and from the train station, spend the night in a hotel somewhere and of course need some food and water. Guides are also an additional cost of course. Therefore for a day trip to Machu Picchu one should count on spending around US$200 and US$250 as a minimum. Luxury trips to Machu Picchu can easily go into the thousands of dollars per person.

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