Till when is the Inca Trail closed this year?

Question asked by Steve H.

Answer from our Expert:

This year (2020), the Inca Trail will exceptionally be closed till March 15, 2020. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of Peru’s and South America’s more enigmatic hikes and due to the popularity yearly needs its due maintenance. These paths running through the mighty Andes Mountains are over 500 years old and are part of Peru’s proud heritage. Every year the Inca Trail closes during the month of February which in general is the month with the least number of hikers as this is the peak of the rainy season. This is widely known and one will never be able to hike these ancient trails in February. However, this year as the INC (National Institute for Culture) wants to do some more repairs and maintenance and due to the rains were not able to finish the works before the end of February. Therefore as an exception this year the Inca Trail will be closed till March 15 and reopens on March 16 for the 2020 season. Those who have earlier made reservations for dates before March 15 will be offered alternative dates by their hiking company. This applies to both the classic 4 days as the short 2 day Inca Trail.

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